Winter Safety Driving Tips

Winter is in full swing and spring is still far away. So we have a few important winter driving tips to help all of our customers make it home safely.

  • Slow & Steady: One important thing to remember when driving in snowy or icy conditions is that slow and steady wins the race. By accelerating slowly you will prevent the chance or spinning out and when you are coming to a stop be sure to give yourself enough room just in case you can't stop.
  • Be Prepared: It is very important to be prepared for just about anything! So make sure that you have an emergency kit in your car that includes: flash light and batteries, water, blanket, and jumper cables.
  • Stay Focused On The Road: Lastly, when the weather is bad and the roads are even worse it is important to keep your eye on the road. So before you set off make sure that your phone is linked with your vehicle so you won't be distracted by your phone. Mitsubishi Smartphone Link Display Auto has a variety of functions that connects your phone to the vehicle so there is no need to pick up your phone.

For more winter driving tips be sure to give our service center a call. And if your vehicle is in need of service to continue driving safely for the remainder of the winter schedule a service appointment and we will get you in as soon as possible.

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