Seasonal Maintenance Tips

No Matter the Season, Keep Your Mitsubishi Properly Serviced at Wantagh, NY Serving all of Long Island

When you invest your time, energy, and money into buying the latest Mitsubishi, you'll want to make sure it keeps running at the same level it did when you drove it home that first day. Lucky for you, after fostering a solid relationship with our Wantagh Mitsubishi staff, you can continue this relationship by returning to reap the benefits of our service center located at 3460 Sunrise Highway - a location you'll continue to rely on as the seasons change. Take advantage of some of our seasonal maintenance tips below and schedule your next appointment when you're ready using our online form.

What Are the Benefits of Our Mitsubishi Service Center Near Smithtown?

  • You can conveniently book a time and date for your service appointment from our website in less than five minutes during your busy schedule in Massapequa, NY, Medford, NY, or anywhere else.
  • Our services vary between oil changes and coolant flushes to muffler replacement or air conditioner repair.
  • The technicians we hire are those with experience in the art of fixing up every Mitsubishi model, so whatever model you have, we've got you!
  • We want you to save on service, so we're giving you access to service specials on new batteries, coolant flushes, tire rotations, and oil and filter changes.
Complete Detail $149.95

Wash, wax, windows, vacuum, shampoo carpet, leather seat conditioner

Why Should You Perform Seasonal Maintenance on Your Mitsubishi?

As the seasons change around Long Island, different obstacles your Mitsubishi vehicle faces will shift. With this being the case, staying on top of your car's maintenance is crucial. Between spring and winter, we see the rising and falling of temperatures and the appearance of ice and snow. Certain weather conditions make your vehicle work a lot harder, so you need routine seasonal maintenance to ensure your vehicle can handle such conditions. Some examples include having a functional air conditioner during the summer and durable tires for the winter. Not to mention, it's also important to ensure your fluids are topped off so you don't run out or encounter issues while on your various trips. Other simple maintenance items, like tire rotations and alignments, can help ensure even wear over time throughout the seasons.


Tips for Winter and Spring Maintenance Near Smithtown

  • Engine & Battery - When the temperatures drop, your vehicle's engine and battery have a harder time, so make sure they're in the best condition before the negative temperatures hit. Have a battery test performed and replace your engine's filters and top off any fluids, like your engine coolant, to prevent overheating.
  • Visibility & Braking - Being able to see is important during the winter. Check the performance of your defroster to clear your windows and then switch your wiper blades to a sturdier, winter-grade brand. Since having enough stopping power can prevent wintertime collisions, have your brakes inspected beforehand.
  • Tire Pressure & Tread - When the temperature drops in Medford, it'll influence the condition of your tires, so check your tire pressure and the tread on each to see if you need an alignment or a replacement. You may also want to consider investing in winter tires because they are designed to interact with snow and ice.
  • Car Wash - After collecting all the snow, ice, and slush debris during the winter months, your Mitsubishi crossover will deserve to return to its sleek-and-shiny state as the temperatures warm back up. You should also get your underbody cleaned because of the salt buildup.
  • Heating & Cooling - Before winter rolls in, check the performance of your heater. Then when the temperatures begin to rise in the spring, switch your attention to your air conditioner and make sure you and your passengers have a cooling mechanism for the hot summer months.

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The Wantagh Mitsubishi service center serves drivers from Hempstead, NY, and all over Long Island. Stay on top of spring and wintertime maintenance with a quick inspection by one of our certified Mitsubishi technicians. We will check over all the important vehicle components impacted by seasonal changes. By keeping our service center in mind when the temperatures rise, or you hear about upcoming snowfall, you won't have to worry about how your Mitsubishi will perform. Have any questions about your vehicle's maintenance schedule? Call us!


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